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Pasar Seloka™ 2019 at The Grounds - 6 April

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PASAR SELOKA offers small, creative businesses and independent brands an opportunity to connect with engage fans and design enthusiasts. Additionally, there are many benefits that come along with joining our events. Here’s what we have to offer:

Your Booth space. Create your own pop-up shop to showcase and sell your work to an amazing, engaged aesthetic savvy audience! The market provides the opportunity to interact and meet potential customer, something that is valuable for business that do not have a brick and mortar presence.

Networking and collaborations. Tap into our vibrant creative community by connecting with neighboring makers for potential collaborations, resources, and other exciting opportunities.

Potential social features. With a thriving following of nearly 200,000 of shared fans and followers online, we handpick and feature exceptional makers and participants on our social media. Your brand will be exposed to buyers/shoppers/media personnel/ influencers and get coverage through our widespread social networking activities.



PASAR SELOKA is a curated event, and we review each application thoughtfully. We base our aesthetic vision for the event on the criteria below.

Your work is unique, with fresh contemporary ideas and aesthetics that matches the expectations of shoppers.

Selection is based on high quality of workmanship. Or if you are a reseller, your curated items must be beautiful, durable, and market ready.

Your online and onsite presence is consistent, aesthetically appealing and well designed from website, social media appeal, to hangtags and signages.

Your work or product is cohesive and consistent, preferably with a strong thematic direction, and you provide clear examples for us to see this in your online portfolio.

We’re always on the lookout and we prioritise fresh ideas and products. It is crucial for PASAR SELOKA to remain unique and offer shoppers new products and brands to discover. We carefully rotate and curate mix of vendors to ensure fresh mix so we can constantly provide our shoppers with a unique local shopping experience.



Creators + Designers
We’re seeking Creators + Designers on the forefront of their craft. We’re on the lookout for inspiring and original products, handmade, unique pieces that are made with exceptional quality, innovation, and care. All work must be designed (preferably made) in Malaysia by the stallholder, and selection is based on high quality workmanship and fresh contemporary ideas.  

Independent Labels
Established independent labels with quality product created in small batches and boast refreshing creativity, all by local designers. Intense attention to detail, and a genius eye for wearability.

Curated reseller
A cohesive brand concept, carefully curated and unique product mix, beautifully presented, sourced out locally and globally.

Curated botanical vendors offering the best independent sellers of plants, pots and anything in between for plant lovers.

Vintage/ Pre-loved
Curated aesthetic of vintage bric-a-brac, second-hand furniture, vintage clothes, shoes.

Experience activation are those offering a non product service to attendees. Such as games, photography, beauty bars, portraits, health and wellness advice and more.

Pre-Packaged Artisanal Foods
Small batch, local ingredients and beautiful presentation: pre-packaged appeal to attendees looking for high-quality handmade snacks and gifts.

Serving food + drink prepared onsite, Concessionaires include food trucks, food stands, and ready-to-serve refreshments such as ice cream and coffee. Our interested and culinary-savvy crowds expect high quality, exciting and innovating offerings. PASAR SELOKA food + drink vendors imbue a creative philosophy into their cuisine and beverages: creative dishes and drinks made with quality ingredients.



How do I apply for a booth at PASAR SELOKA?
Simply complete our online application form. You will be required to upload 2 booth set up images and 3 product images with your application, no more than 500kb each.

When can I apply for a booth at PASAR SELOKA?
Applications will be announced via instagram feed. Visit / PASAR SELOKA to apply.

What is the opening date for applications?
Applications open approximately 2 months before each event.

Do I need to apply for each PASAR SELOKA?
Yes. However, please note that previous participation does not guarantee a successful application. Applications will be assessed against the selection criteria and the type and number of similar applications received.

Can I share a booth? 
Vendor may co-share a space with another brand whose work is of a similar nature to theirs. One application form should include details of all products available for sale. A single point of contact must be provided for all groups or collectives. However, we only allocate ten (10) shared booth each event with an additional fee. Selections are made based on suitability of the products. The payment must be made in full from one banking account.

If you’re submitting a collective application, the combined quality of the group needs to meet our criteria as outlined. We look at the application as a dynamic whole, not as individual applications.

I've applied, what next?
After applying, you'll receive email confirmation that your application has been received. Please allow up to 14 days to receive a response. However, we will only reply to short listed vendors.

What do I do next if my application is successful?
You will be contacted via email and provided with a confirmation code to be used in banking transaction. All payments need to be made within 7 days.

What if I cancel my application?
No refund on deposit if cancellation more than 30 days prior to the event. Cancellation less than 30 days before the event will incur a 100% charge unless the booth can be filled, in which case a 25% fee will be charged. Cancellations occurring less than two weeks prior, booth fees are non-refundable regardless of whether the booth can be filled or not.

What do I receive as a vendor?
• Ongoing promotion of the event leading up to the event via social media to a large, enthusiastic and growing PASAR SELOKA audience.

  • A booth location, table and chairs.
  • Friendly, helpful support from our expert team.
  • Thoughtfully designed event in a prominent venue and high quality curated stalls.

What can I sell at PASAR SELOKA
Design products including fashion, accessories, art, photography, design, home-wares and vintage items including clothing accessories and homewares. Food stalls may sell ready to eat food items. Please refer to the vendor categories.

Why must my booth be well presented? 
We expect all booth to be presented as mini-boutiques. We look favourably upon applications who take the time to plan and create beautiful stall and product arrangement. Elements include flooring such as mats and rugs, presentation stands and racks and a proper signage. Applications with beautifully presented booth will be favoured.

What type of food sites are available?
Food stalls sites range from booth set ups and food trucks.

If my application is accepted, what type of marketing material should I provide?
Vendors or brands are chosen at the organisers discretion for our marketing campaign. Unfortunately not all vendors can be included. If contacted by PASAR SELOKA event coordinator, you will be asked to supply a high-resolution product image (JPEG format, 300dpi, minimum 2MB file size) for promotional use.

How will PASAR SELOKA be promoted?
PASAR SELOKA is promoted via e-newsletters to our 5,000++ subscribers as well as an extensive marketing campaign including promotion through our event and media partners, press release, influencers and social media. Banners and signage are used to promote the event throughout the space on the day of the event.

What are the alternatives to plastic?
PASAR SELOKA is a plastic-free event. Please provide paper or ideally, reusable bags to your customers, along with paper plates and bamboo cutlery too. You can also purchase PASAR SELOKA totes from our online store or over the registration counter.

Do I need credit card facilities?
No, but it is highly advantageous to have these facilities available. Other options include online transfer, Grab Pay, Maybank QR pay, Fave, Boost.