Apply for vendor Pasar Seloka 6 July 2019

About Pasar Seloka


PASAR SELOKA is a lifestyle pop-up event, a collaborative, creative community of small businesses, designers, artists, foodies, culture seeks and lovers of good vibes. Our passion lies in creating wonderful memories, and bringing everyone together to gather, to connect, to inspire and be inspired through our events.

We engage with an ever-evolving selection of local artisans, independent makers and homegrown brands whose products we hand select for their uniqueness, quality, value, fun-ness and great design, handcrafted and produced in small quantities to retain its exclusivity. Some of them debuted at our earlier markets and now have gone to become big names in their respective industries.


Is to provide opportunities and platform to showcase products or services from small independent makers and educate shoppers the value of conscious consumerism while creating an inspiring community of creatives. PASAR SELOKA provide a rare opportunity for makers to interact and meet potential buyers in real life, - something that is extremely valuable in the age of online shopping, while building creative relationships and networking opportunities.

PASAR SELOKA believe that we can help reimagining the shopping experience by putting together a large scale community shopping event where shoppers can rediscover the pleasure of buying high quality, beautifully designed products all in one place, directly from the maker themself. Here our shoppers can hear their story, touch, try on and see the products before they buy, find out their process, ask question, and get inspired.

We pride ourself in finding unique goods and helping to promote up and coming indie brands. PASAR SELOKA was created by a group of designers who understood the needs of such event as a way to bring local-made design and art to the masses while helping to provide support and professional development opportunities to maximise success in a well curated marketplace. 

We have a followings of very modern, conscious quality shoppers with high spending power. They are constantly on the look out for an alternative shopping experience and beautifully made products, in an event that can be enjoyed by the whole family. 

We create content that meningfully connects with our audience and provide them with experience and value that they can’t get anywhere else. 


We have over 10 years experience in organising makers market, artisan bazaars and the likes, notably our once-a-year Pasar Seloka Raya. First started in 2013, Pasar Seloka Raya had 20 vendors taking part in the 2 weekend bazaar. Over the years, Pasar Seloka Raya has become a pioneering showcase for the thriving independent makers and has gained loyal followings.

Our yearly instalments thereafter was successful, drawing an approx 6000 - 10,000 shoppers accumulatively to our humble little Wondermilk Uptown outlet.

In 2016 we took Pasar Seloka Raya on a larger scale with total of
3 week-long market in different venues, garnering rave reviews from customers and vendors alike, many of which joined us again in the 2017 with almost 60 vendors and 2018 with a total of 100 vendors instalment, attracting new and up & coming vendors as well as celebrity vendors.